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Words from the Mothas


Nia Douglas

Ok so I just want to give a HUGE shout out to Kyra Betts Doula My labor experience was VERY smooth. Smoother than I expected honestly. She was super supportive throughout the entire process, helped prepare me before hand, and wa shuts honest about what to expect and the things that would happens during and after. Not to mention I delivered naturally and definitely would have given up front he mental exhaustion if it were not for her. THANK YOU KYRA!!!!


Ashley Gilkey 

I want to take the time out to give a huge THANK YOU to my Doula, Kyra Betts Doula.

I would NOT have made it through such a long birthing experience without her knowledge, guidance and support. She helped me from beginning to end and it was especially necessary to have her when I decided I wanted a VBAC. Even when I wanted to give up and give in or when certain health professionals slid in "you should just get induced or schedule a c section since were so busy and you've already had one" (complete BS by the way), she reassured me my body was able and capable of birthing my daughter AND we would survive it.

At hour 30 I felt the most drained and defeated but Kyra was right by my side. Baby girl was just moving at her own pace. Through every contraction, every moan, discomfort, and semi-emergency situation that had me ready to breakdown, there was my doula!

Lily Flowers

Kim Sharp

Moment of acknowledgment and appreciation for Kyra Betts Doula She served as our Doula for Stoney’s birth and delivery. Words can’t explain how much we appreciated her presence.

For starters, Brandon can sleep through a natural disaster so if nothin else I was grateful to have some company, but of course she provided so much more!

A positive energy, a wealth of knowledge, non-judgemental but still going to tell you all the pros and cons of your decisions, a listening ear, an advocator and the list could go on and on!

Now, these are all things I already had the pleasure of knowing about her since we’ve been friends for 20 years and she also was Rocky’s unofficial Doula before she decided to become a Doula BUT what I’m saying is if YOU find yourself in search of a Doula, I highly recommend Kyra!

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