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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Doula

So you're expecting! You've called your village and your OB. You've started making a registry and planning a baby shower or gender reveal. You've pinned a dozen nursery designs on Pinterest but wait, you have forgotten one major component, A DOULA.

Doulas are non medical professionals that work to support, educate and advocate for expecting families. Do you need a doula? YES! It is my opinion as a mother and a doula that every person having a baby should have one. Doulas are shown reduce c-section rates, interventions and trauma. So, how do you find a doula? I am glad you asked.

Step 1: Find doulas in your area.

Even if you do not personally know a doula, you should be able to locate some in your area. Start with your village and social media. a post as simple as "does anyone know a great doula" can yield major results. You can also google "doulas near me". Many doulas have website and google listings.

Step 2: Interview a few Doulas

One of my favorite things is when a potential client tells me they have another doula they are interviewing before or after me. To me, it shows that they are taking this task seriously. A motto that I live by is "Everyone deserves a doula, it wont always be me". Having a doula that you can relate to is so important. If you cannot build an authentic rapport with your doula, you may not get the full experience. Interview at least three doulas. Not sure what to ask in the interview check out my post "Doula Interview Tips".

Step 3: Select a Doula and Pay Your Deposit.

For Doulas, time is literal money. When we block off space for a client, we often will not take an additional client during that time frame. Your deposit secures your spot. Make sure you have a firm understanding of the cost and payment requirements for your doula. If cost is a concern, ask about payment arrangements and sliding fee scales.

Step 4: Enjoy the Experience

Having a doula is like having a very educated birthfriend. Lean on your doula and build a relationship with them. They will be with you through one of the most vulnerable times of your life. Let them in.

Have any Questions about hiring a doula? Feel free to send me a message! I am here to help you.

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