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Registry Redo

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Have you ever heard that Tik Tok sound, "this is trash but this is a work of art". That is exactly how I felt as I was going through my registry to create this post. Being a first time mom with a nanny background I did not go too crazy! However, there are somethings that would never make the list again like the wipe warmer! Here are the items that would make the list time and time again:

A Doula Fund: When I look back at my registry and the items I literally never used, I wish I would have added fewer material items and instead put my doula fund on there. Funny thing is I created one and never made it live! That won't happen again!

Baby Socks and Plain White Onesies: All of them, every size, every style. There are never enough.

Wipes: You can never have enough wipes. Ever.

Diaper Genie: As a person who now rarely uses her diaper genie and has kinda switched to a small trash can, GET THE GENIE. The genie was irreplaceable in the beginning. Im not sure why Im not using it now but I am for sure about to go back.

Bouncer/Swing: Really something to sit your baby in. My baby did not like any swing, but I dragged the bouncer all over the house with us. It was a literal life saver and next time I want more!

Carrier/ Wrap: I actually recommend both. There is a time for a structured carrier and there is a time for a soft wrap. Baby wearing is the best thing I ever did.

Bibs/Burp Cloths: Babies spit and drool and whatever else flies out of their mouths. Put all of the bibs on your registry.

Sound Machine: You never know how much you need one of these until you live in a busy city on July 4th

Gift Cards: Request gift cards or just flat out money. I don't need to explain that one.

Postpartum Care Items: Do not leave yourself out. Frida Mom has made it simple!

Blankets: Get the Blankets

All of the Frida Baby Items: seriously Frida could sponsor me

Honorable mentions: wash cloths, towels, bottle warmer, sterilizer, nanny cam and bottle brushes.

I would not put diapers, bottles, pacifiers, soaps/lotion, clothes. There are too many options and it will come down to what your baby likes specifically. Exchanging these things can be a pain in the ass especially if you do not know exactly where they came from. You end up with stuff you can't /wont use when you could have had a gift card.

Well thats all for now FOLX!