The Divine Flower Child: Doula and Birth Services

Making access to a doula a human right

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Meet The Divine Flower Child

My name is Kyra. I am a full spectrum doula, child birth educator, lactation counselor and safe birth advocate. I believe that access to a doula is a human right. I work with birthing people as long and much as they will have me during their reproductive time from pre-pregnancy to postpartum as well as abortion, adoption and infertility. I also specialize in infant care, working to educate parents on safest practices that can save their babies, dispelling generational myths that have lead to Black babies having the highest infant mortality rate. I want to empower families to redesign healthy family bonds.


My Services

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Birth Doula 

Choose from 5 in person or virtual birth doula packages ranging from $700 - $1500

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Lactation Support

Nursing can be difficult! Get the support you deserve from a certified lactation counselor

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Postpartum Doula

Complete custom support for your postpartum healing! Designa package or choose PRN. Its all in your hands 

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Full Spectrum Doula 

Empathetic and informed support for your journey. 

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Childbirth Education

Don't go it alone! Receive dynamic education and preparation for your birth. Classes begin at $125

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Support Groups

Find your tribe, build your village